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    Wildfly 10 Final indefinitely creating ActiveMQ-client-global-threads

    John tk Newbie

      I'm not sure I'm posting this in the right place, Mod please move If I. haven't


      I have a `Wildfly AS` setup for JMS, I'm monitoring it with Jconsole and have noticed that before I even create a session on my `Consumer` or `Producer` the thread count is steadily increasing, I was previously using `Wildfly 9 final` for the same purpose, it's thread usage was steady even during use, but it had a memory leak which prompted me to upgrade. I'm running Wildly on a raspberry pi, so the resources this is wasting are valuable, if anyone could help me solve this I would be very grateful.



      In `Jconsole` I can see:













      How do I solve this problem? is there a setting I can change that is causing these threads to spawn, is there any more information I can take from `Jconsole` to help me resolve this?