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    Server instances under server-group running on two different physical machine


      I have configured Domain Mode with remote host controller. Setup is explained in this article How to Configure a Simple JBoss Cluster in Domain Mode | C2B2 Blog


           <server name="server-one" group="main-server-group"/> 
           <server name="server-two" group="other-server-group"> 
               <!-- server-two avoids port conflicts by incrementing the ports in 
                   the default socket-group declared in the server-group --> 
                <socket-bindings port-offset="150"/> 


      My question is, Is it possible to define a server tag pointing to a different physical machine? If yes, how?


      I would like to run several instances of 'server' in different physical machine to connect with a server-group. I am seeing examples of HostControllers running on more than one machine but I am not seeing any of such examples explaining different server(a node inside a server-group) instances are running in entirely new physical server. Please guide me whether that is possible or not? If not should I need to run entire server group inside a single HostControler? How this works in 1000 node cluster/domain managed servers?

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          Hello dear,


          No, its not possible.


          Yes, you can have several servers in different physical machines. They all can belong to same server group. Lets say you have two machines, both will be running the HC. So, they both have this file host.xml, right?


          In first host.xml you can write



              <server name="ServerOne" group="ServerGroup"/>

              <server name="ServerTwo" group="ServerGroup"/>


          In second host.xml you can write



              <server name="ServerThree" group="ServerGroup"/>

              <server name="ServerFour" group="ServerGroup"/>


          So, you will have a cluster with one server group and 4 server nodes,ServerOne and ServerTwo will be running on Host1 and ServerThree and ServerFour wil be running on Host2.

          Keep this thing clear in your mind that server group is a logical grouping and These two HC will be able to form a cluster using UDP multicast which will comprise of all the above mentioned nodes.