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    Super class fields not indexed for Hibernate Search

    Vladimir Dzhuvinov Novice

      We would like to index select fields of objects that we cache with Infinispan. We use the standard @Indexed and @Field annotations provided by Hibernate Search, as suggested in the online docs.


      For some reason we cannot get @Field annotated inherited methods to be indexed and we get the following exception when we do a search:


      org.hibernate.hql.ParsingException: ISPN000402: The type A has no property named 'subject'.


      This is the code:


      class A {

           String sub;

           @Field public String getSubject() { return sub; }




      class B extends A {



      We also tried the programmatic API (org.hibernate.search.cfg.SearchMapping), but still get the same exception?


      Are we missing something here, or is inheritance generally not supported when dealing with Hibernate Search under Infinispan?