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    Installing Infinispan inside Apache Karaf - Instruction on 'Getting Started with Infinispan' not working?

    Aravind Ramachandran Newbie

      I was trying to install Infinispan inside Apache Karaf as per the documentation 'Getting Started with Infinispan'. As per the documentation we have the following available:

      Currently feature repositories are available for the following artifacts:

      • infinispan-commons
      • infinispan-core
      • infinispan-cachestore-jdbc
      • infinispan-cachestore-jpa
      • infinispan-cachestore-leveldb
      • infinispan-cachestore-remote
      • infinispan-client-hotrod


      But when I try into install infinispan-client-hotrod - I'm getting the following error:


      karaf@root()> feature:repo-add -i mvn:org.infinispan/infinispan-client-hotrod/8.2.0.Final/xml/features

      Adding feature url mvn:org.infinispan/infinispan-client-hotrod/8.2.0.Final/xml/features

      Error executing command: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException

      karaf@root()> feature:install infinispan-client-hotrod/8.2.0.Final

      Error executing command: No matching features for infinispan-client-hotrod/8.2.0.Final