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    Logging in JBoss / server mode

    Alejandro Escobedo Newbie

      While working and developing Optaplanner in "desktop" mode (as in, running directly on the machine it is tested) logging is turned on by default and when I run optimization problems I get the best solution information as it runs.


      And also I could see if some Drools rules were broken, etc. Very useful for debugging and adjusting parameters.



      But when running a project inside JBoss, the only thing I'm able to see when I give it a problem to solve via curl is:




      I've added logback.xml to the resources folder and I have the SLF4J and logback-classic dependencies added in Maven, but I don't know if there is something else I should be doing to get more information in real time about the problems I'm solving.





      PS: Original question on the Optaplanner forum: Google Groups, I was told that I should ask here too.