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    The work to improve the NTA parsing


      Hi all, here's my work to improve NTA parsing

      1. Find the bottleneck

      According to NTA-53  [NTA-53] Do a quick profile of the system to find the bottleneck of the log parsing - JBoss Issue Tracker, I use JProfiler to view the CPU and the result shows that about half of the time are spent on regex.matcher.find( ).

      2. possible solutions

      1)  I add a keywords filter and Amos suggests to write a filter.properties for easier adding new keywords in the future.

      2)  Using indexOf to free some logs from regex matching.

      3) Change the sequence of handler, make sure to match the most common handler at first.


      3. Future work

      1)  Compare NTA with ShiViz and Zipkin and find missing features for NTA





      Yuan Hu

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