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    JBeret 1.3.0.Beta2 Released

    Cheng Fang Master

      JBeret 1.3.0.Beta2 was released on 05/15/2016.  This release includes fixes and enhancement to the following areas:


      * added jberet-schedule sub-module to support scheduling batch job execution

           * jberet-schedule-executor

           * jberet-schedule-timer

      * enhanced jberet-rest-api to include REST API supporting scheduling

      * enhanced jberet-ui to offer front-end support for scheduling

      * added scheduling-related samples to wildfly-jberet-samples


      Docs (javadoc, user guide & REST doc) are at Index of /jberet/1.3.0.Beta2


      JBeret 1.3.0.Beta2 release notes: Release Notes - JBoss Issue Tracker


      Project JBeret artifacts are available at Maven Central or JBoss Nexus.