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    From HornetQItemReader & HornetQItemWriter to ArtemisItemReader & ArtemisItemWriter

    Cheng Fang Master

      jberet-support module includes HornetQItemReader and HornetQItemWriter to support reading and writing batch data with HornetQ.  Now that HornetQ project migrated to Apache ActiveMQ Artemis in June 2015, now is time to think about the migration to Artemis in JBeret.


      We recently added ArtemisItemReader and ArtemisItemWriter to jberet-support.  In the meanwhile, the legacy HornetQItemReader and HornetQItemWriter are now deprecated but still supported.


      Configuration opertions for ArtemisItemReader and ArtemisItemWriter are compatible with HornetQItemReader and HornetQItemWriter, to the extent Artemis is compatible with HornetQ.


      Related JIRA isssue: JBERET-242 (Support ActiveMQ Artemis Item Reader and Writers as a Migration Path off HornetQ)