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    How to change the wsdl import in a JBoss 6.3 deployment?

    Jose David Perez Rodas Newbie

      I have a Web Service running on JBoss 6.3.0, as ypu can see i made a deployment, and that's my URL, but i'm having a problem, because all of the references on the web service are pointing to localhost instead of my server name. So when I try to use the web service remotely I can't see the java classes I need.

      JBoss Console.png

      In the next picture you can see the webserice URL with the references pointing to Localhost instead of my server blazesvr1.



      I'm new to JBoss and I don't how to configure the web service to stop pointing to localhost and point to the server. The application is generated by Blaze Advisor, but I can access to deployment files and make changes in the code.


      Thanks in advance.