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    Connect to Management Interface

    André Coelho Newbie



      After enabling RBAC authentication (/core-service=management/access=authorization:write-attribute(name=provider,value=rbac) when I access the Domain Controller web interface it shows the image below.


      I have added several management interfaces but none worked, and I can connect to the DC using CLI remotely (connect



      My wildfly is "wildfly-10.0.0.Final" using Domain Mode


      My host.xml interesting part:


                  <native-interface security-realm="ManagementRealm">

                      <socket interface="management" port="${jboss.management.native.port:9999}"/>


                  <http-interface security-realm="ManagementRealm" http-upgrade-enabled="true" allowed-origins="https://srv-wildflydc-tst-01 https://srv-wildflydc-tst-01:9993 https://srv-wildflydc-tst-01:9993">

                      <socket interface="management" secure-port="${jboss.management.http.port:9993}"/>




      If I change from RBAC to simple again I can access normally the Web Interface, so the management interface is OK while rbac is not active.

      Nothing wrong shows in the logs.... so I'm asking for helping.


      The Documentation about RBAC does not mention this screen.


      Someone knows how to fix this?