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    Testing the new teiiddesigner 10.1.

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      I'm trying out the new teiiddesigner 10.1. Great that the integration with wildfly 9 is there! I already could deploy a vdb so that's great.


      I have 2 remarks:


      1) I first had a 10.0 installation. I asked eclipse to search for updates and it installed a version with id 10.0.1.Final-v20160713-1749-B16 with which I could not connect to wildfly 9. I then changed the update site to point to the new 10.1 url and it installed version 10.1.0.Final-v20160815-1405-B4103 which works fine.


      2) The documentation for 10.1 does not mention the new supported versions.


      Chapter 3. Server Management


      With kind regards