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    DB failover in 4.2.3 questions

    Frank Henry Novice

      I am using JBoss AS 4.2.3 in combination with Postgres.

      My AppServers are clustered and use a ha-local-tx-datasource to map against two PG databases (primary A and secondary B).
      I am using standard EJB3 with an EJB3 Cache.

      Now a scenario is needed where when the primary db fails, the system will fail-over to the other one.
      This works when A fails over to B.
      Now if I bring B back in, and then let A fail, the system will not switch back to A.

      1) Am I missing something?
      2) Will this even work?
      3) I currently have the idle-timeout-minutes set to 1 and if I set it to 0 it seems to mean never. Though half a minute (1/2 idle time, what the doc claims) is still a lot of time in a real-time environment.
      The doc also states that the 1/2 comes from the IdleRemover value, but where can I set it, if at all?
      4) Would it be theoretically possible to be able to dynamically configure the connection-url in some way?
      From what I read something like this would only be available in JBoss 5. Is this correct?