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    How to calculate N root of X in query

    Raghu Kasukurthi Newbie

      Hi all,

      I want to calculate n√X (n root of X) in Teiid query.


      S= n√X  Where n= 1.89  & x is any input value


      Looking at  internet article I wrote below query Nth root of a number


      SELECT POWER(Convert(27,bigdecimal),Convert(1/1.89,bigdecimal))

      SELECT POWER(27,1/1.89)


      for both of the queries I am getting same error. Any thoughts how we can execute above formula ?



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          Steven Hawkins Master

          The power function expects a double and 1/1.89 is bigdecimal.  Teiid treats the conversion of bigdecimal/numeric to double as potentially narrowing, which will depend on the exact value.  In this case unfortunately a cast is needed -


          SELECT POWER(27, cast(1/1.89 as double))


          You can see there is slight difference in the values:


          SELECT 1/cast(1.89 as double) = 1/1.89