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    Taking a old backup of Infinispan cacheloader


      I am using a File cache store at the moment to store my search indexes that are stored in infinispan. I would like to take a previous backup of the file contents, and when the server comes back, the index as expected will be outdated. But is there any easier ways to make it up to date instead of running the mass indexer again? Mass indexer takes few hours for us, wondering there is a way to get the index up to date utilising the data already on the cache store.

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          There is currently no way of doing a selective re-indexing using the MassIndexer.


          This incremental re-indexing could be done under certain conditions, like for example, would you be able to tell based on your data which entries should be re-indexed or not? The MassIndexer could potentially skip the entries already in the backup if you guarantee that they haven't changed since the last backup.