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    Upgrade parent pom to jboss-parent version 21, and minimum Java version

    Cheng Fang Master
      1. JBERET-281 Upgrade parent pom to jboss-parent 21


      As explained in the above JIRA issue, we plan to upgrade project JBeret's parent pom to jboss-parent version 21, from the current version 10.


      A few of the benefits of this upgrade:

      • take advange of more recent versions of plugins and dependencies as defined by jboss-parent 21
      • the minimum required runtime java version will be upgraded to from 1.6 to 1.7, by the following 2 properties in pom.xml
        • <maven.compiler.target>1.7</maven.compiler.target>
        • <maven.compiler.source>1.7</maven.compiler.source>
      • to be able to support build project JBeret with JDK 9 ea
      • to stay in sync with project WildFly and wildfly-core, which have also upgraded to jboss-parent 21


      Any concerns or feedback, feel free to raise here.


      The above plan change will only take place in master branch.  JBeret 1.2.x branch will keep using jboss-parent 10.