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    JBeret, SE, EntityManager

    Remo Meier Newbie



      I'm setting up JBeret with Deltaspike to get batch unit testing. The setup is quite similar to the JBeret SE implementation with Weld. A TransactionManager is provided by Deltaspike (more or less, currently I do some manual tweaks).


      In general everything works fine. But I wonder what is the correct scope for the EntityManager? @PersistenceContext ist not available in this setup. So I have to produce and inject an entity manager manually. What would be the proper scope of this entity manager?

      @ReqestScoped, Thread-local, @TransactionScoped or one of the JBeret Scopes like JobScoped?


      If there is any interest, this testing setup might also be a worthwhile contribution (either for jberet or deltaspike).


      Thx Remo

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          Cheng Fang Master

          I'm not familiar with Deltaspike.  My feeling is the entity manager should be scoped to a step, since other steps in the same job may use other resources.  For a partitioned step execution, I think the same entity manager can still be safely used by multiple partitions of the same step concurrently, though I haven't tried that. 


          Thanks for your interest.  Here at JBeret we always welcome and value developer and user contribution.  We could potentially house that somewhere under GitHub - jberet/jsr352: Implementation of JSR 352  as an extra module.  Let us know when it's ready for a review.