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    JBeret 1.2.2.Final and 1.3.0.Beta4 Released

    Cheng Fang Master

      JBeret 1.2.2.Final was released on 2016-12-13.  It is a stable maintenance release in JBeret 1.2.x branch, and this release contains some important bug fixes.  See Release Notes for more details.


      JBeret 1.3.0.Beta4 was released on 2016-12-19.  It is a development beta release that contains new features, enhancement and bug fixes, including:

      Upgrade certain dependency versions to be consistent those used in WildFly;

      • Persist user name in persistent job repository;
      • JpaItemReader and JpaItemWriter;
      • Support building and testing with JDK 9 early access;
      • Various bug fixes and enhancement


      See Release Notes for more details.