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    How to log in to admin console?

    Fredrik Andersson Newbie



      We are using JBoss 6.4.

      I need to use the admin console.

      I managed to create a user after following the instructions at:



      I have tried both a and b-type-users, and also let them be in role "guest" and "PowerUser" and no role at all.

      I also used an easy password like 1234qwer!

      I also see that the user occurs in the diffrent *user.properties files depending on the a and b-type-users.


      I managed to change the IP for my JBoss so I could access the admin console from outside the server-machine.

      I can see in the log that the admin console should be available at:


      When I access from my browser it asks for username and password.

      But I never get pass the popup.


      Do you guys see any mistakes?


      Best regards