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    ModeShape 5.x and most common GUI

    David Harrison Newbie



      As of ModeShape 5.3 / 5.4 and  2017,  what are the most common, general purpose GUIs used with ModeShape? I found this post of the equivalent question, back from 2011.

      Part of the goal of using ModeShape is for business users to easily create and update content in the CMS, relating to branding for a client, localized web site content, etc.


      Which GUIs (Web or otherwise) are in most common use with ModeShape, as of 2017? Please advise.


      • ModeShape Web Explorer -  It seems mostly functional, but cosmetically rough.
      • CMIS?
        • OpenChemistry CMIS Workbench
      • JCR Explorers?
      • Others?