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    Wildfly OSGI Bundle deployment

    Martin de Reuver Newbie

      Hi all,


      i have installed:

      - Wildfly 10.1.0 Final

      - JBOSGI 2.5.2


      I have 2 OSGI bundles: Bundle_A and Bundle_B.

      Bundle_A contains super classes for Bundle_B

      In the manifest file of Bundle_A, all local classes are exported in the "export_packages".


      In the Bundle_B, I have classes that extends from classes in Bundle_A.

      In the manifest file in Bundle_B, i have all used classes from Bundle_A as Imported Packages.


      The deployment and start/activation of Bundle_A works fine.

      The deployment of Bundle_B works fine, but i cant start/activate Bundle_B: it stays in the "resolved" state. When expanding the Bundle_B in the Felix webconsole, I see all imported packages marked as red.

      So it looks like, that Bundle_B can't find the classes from Bundle_A.


      The strange thing is that these bundles deployed on Apache Karaf 4.0.4 could both be started and all works fine.

      What might be wrong for Wildfly with my Karaf Bundles? Do i need to change some files?




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