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    JBeret 1.3.0.Beta5 Released

    Cheng Fang Master

      I'm excited to announce the release of JBeret 1.3.0.Beta5 today.  This is another milestone in the main development branch of JBeret, including bug fixes and enhancement to the following modules:


      • jberet-core,
      • jberet-se,
      • jberet-distribution,
      • jberet-support,
      • jberet-schedule,
      • jberet-rest-api,
      • jberet-camel


      Just to highlight some of the important fixes and enhancement:


      JBERET-298 Support prefix and/or suffix to jdbc job repository tables

      JBERET-292 Implement a batchlet to execute native OS commands

      JBERET-307 Implement database stored procedure item reader

      JBERET-308 Implement JdbcBatchlet to execute sql statements in a batchlet


      Add option to disable quoteChar in JacksonCsvItemWriter


      For more info, see 1.3.0.Beta5 release notes.