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    Application succesfully deployed, but cannot access the local URL

    antoine decamps Newbie



      I am migrating an application from tomEE to JBoss EAP7 and Im encoutering some problems.


      I've recently deployed two web applications on JBoss EAP 7. However when I try to access them like I can access localhotst:8080/jboss-helloworld.


      I just get a "404 not found" for localhost:8080/xa-cms-admin/ and "Forbidden" for lcaolhost:8080/xa-cms-wli/


      While HelloWorld and Numberguess quickstarts are working.


      My war files' names are xa-cms-admin.war and xa-cms-wli.war and I have the following configuration in both pom.xml (only the name change slightly between admin and wli) :


      I do not know if the runtime names I put in the management console are relevant or not:

      • Runtime name: xa-cms-wli.war
      • Runtime name: xa-cms-admin


      I don't know why I put war on one and not on the other but it worked for the deployment...















      However, when I try to go on localhost:8080/xa-cms-admin or localhost:8080/xa-cms-wli I just get a 404 not found.

      Only xa-cms-wli.war repositery and .deployed file are in standalone/deployements, I don't know why the xa-cms-admin.war isn't there...


      Don't hesitate to ask if you need more informations.


      Please check sreenshots below for more informations.


      Best Regards.



      deploy.pngSans titre.png

      Sans titreqsd.pngThis is what happens when I try to set the runtime name to xa-cms-admin.war to do like the xa-cms-wli name since it's in Forbidden status and not in 404.

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