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    Teiid High Availability Deployment

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      1. I have setup a Teiid cluster with two nodes in domain mode. ( Teiid 9.2.2 and WildFly 10.0 ). I would appreciate it if you could provide me with an insight into the available high availability deployment patterns and recommended high availability deployment patterns for Teiid.


      2. Consider a master/slave setup of Teiid in domain mode where one computer acts as the domain controller and the other one acts as the host controller. Is this setup an active/passive model where domain controller is the active node which fails over to the slave node? Can it function as an active/active model as well? I would be thankful if you could provide a brief clarification.


      Thank you

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          1. someone from Teiid would need to answer


          2. the domain controller (DC) and the host controllers (HC) are not serving nodes themselves, they are part of the management infrastructure. It's the normal server nodes you create under the host controllers that become part of the cluster and they normally operate in active-active mode, but that depends also on how the application has been written. Alternatively, if you don't use domain mode you can have standalone serving nodes that however form an active-active cluster, but then you need to do the management yourself.