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    Reading an item from a JPA backed remote cache returns null

    Wolfram Huesken Newbie

      I'm using 9.0.0 Final embedded client/server talking to each other via Hot Rod.


      Keys set by the client can be read back, but keys which are still in the database are not transferred over.

      I wrote a test client to demonstrate the behaviour:


      Configuration config = new ConfigurationBuilder().addServer().host("localhost").port(11222).build();
      RemoteCacheManager remoteCacheManager = new RemoteCacheManager(config);
      RemoteCache<String, Object> remoteCache = remoteCacheManager.getCache("main");
      log.info("Size: {}", remoteCache.size());
      for (String key : remoteCache.keySet()) {
         log.info("Key: {}", key);
         log.info("Kontainski: {}", remoteCache.containsKey(key));
         log.info("Value: {}", remoteCache.get(key));


      That's the result:


      Size: 3
      Key: hallo
      Contains Key: true
      Value: test
      Key: hallo3
      Contains Key: true
      Value: 12.5
      Key: hallo5
      Contains Key: false
      Value: null


      The key hallo5 is in the database and I can retrieve it when I'm on the server like this:



      Here's my persistence configuation on the server:



      Any hints are welcome :-)