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    Problem between JBoss and Tapestry during migration

    antoine decamps Newbie



      Following this thread :  https://developer.jboss.org/thread/274884 where I got great help by ehugonnet to help me deploy my applications on JBoss EAP7 which were previously working on tomEE.

      I currently have problems to make Tapestry work now that the apps are deployed.


      Indeed, the admin application displays this when I go to its URI :



      And I get the following : tapestry_admin_app - Pastebin.com


      Concerning the other application this is displayed when I go to the URI :




      And I get the following server.log :wli_error_log - Pastebin.com 


      I tried to use this solution : HowToRunTapestry5OnJBoss7Dot1 - Tapestry Wiki  However it didn't work, maybe I put the class at the wrong location? If you have any idea about the content of this link too please do not hesitate to share.


      I hope you will be able to help me solve these problems with the 2 apps.


      Best Regards.