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    Teiid CLI if-else Statement

    default_2312 user_4534 Newbie

      I have deployed a dynamic vdb file ( example - go-vdb.xml ). Now I need to replace that go-vdb.xml file with a newer version of the go-vdb.xml file. I can first undeploy the go-vdb.xml file and deploy the newer version. This approach works as expected. ( I am using jboss-cli.sh file to perform the operations). I then tried to perform this via if-else using the CLI. Below is the command I used.


      if (outcome == success) of /deployment= go-vdb.xml:read-resource  deploy go-vdb.xml --force else deploy go-vdb.xml --server-groups=all-server-groups end-if


      However this fails producing the output "Unrecognized arguments: [--server-groups, --force]"


      I would appreciate it if you could help me resolve this issue.


      Thank you.