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    Configure or optimise VDB to fetch metadata in less time.

    Kulbhushan Chaskar Master



      We are facing performance issues while deploying VDB for Netezza database version . We figured out that it because of metadata fetch. There are about 1000 tables in schema and for each table it is fetching PK, FK and indexes. Each single query is taking about 500 to 1200 ms and overall more than 30 minutes to deploy VDB and same for subsequent refresh.

      Are there any suggestions to tune initial metadata fetch or refresh?

      Also we know that we don’t use PK, FK and indexes in our database, is it possible to configure VDB not to fetch these, which should save bulk of the time?


      I am using teiid 9.1.3 admin api to create VDB dynamically and WildFly 10.0.0



      Kulbhushan Chaskar.