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    Infinispan UI interface show blank page for one domain when two domain is started in same network

    Vishal Patel Newbie

      Hi galder.zamarreno and nadirx


      I have been facing this issue with infinispan version 9.0.1 final and 9.1.0 CR1 version.


      What I did:


      - Create one domain in my local pc (domain address : vishal.local.com : DOMAIN NAME : DCNEW1LOCAL)

      - Create another domain in my colleague pc  (domain address : colleague .local.com : DOMAIN NAME : ZDCNEW1LOCAL)


      I can able to view infinispan detail for my local domain at this address :  http://vishalr.local.com:9990/console/index.html

      However when I tried to access same with my colleague domain with  : http://zakvan.local.com:9990/console/index.html#/containers


      I am facing blank page as shown in attachment.


      Do you have any idea about this issue.