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    a problem about deploy

    cute u Novice

      I have severl vdbs with a view consisting from 2 databases,and when one of the souce model have change ,i must reload the every vdb  ,can only reload the souce model,

      and Extract the data source for each vdb ,and how to set the vdb.xml

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          Ramesh Reddy Master

          No, you can not just reload the model. The reason is there may be views that are dependent on the table that may be modified, then that results in the error. To avoid it, it requires a full reload.

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            Steven Hawkins Master

            If you have captured the ddl metadata in the vdb.xml, there is no built-in mechanism to recapture this based upon a datasource change. 


            If you are using the full server and the native import feature and metadata caching, you can perform a reload of the vdb that specifically flushes the metadata cache for only a subset of the sources - see the Admin.restartVDB method.

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              cute u Novice

              i will reload the view,but for example i have five vdb ,and they have same souce model,Extract the source model for each vdb,when the  sourcemodel have change,only reload one time the source,and the five view vdb reload,do you know what i means