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    where is org.hibernate.search.analyzer.impl package in version 9.1?

    Juneyoung Oh Newbie

      Hi. I am so new in infinispan.

      One of my role is managing gradle.build script in a project.


      I recently update infinispan dependency version from 8.2.6.Final to 9.0.3.Final.

      Some of code has troubles to import library.

      For instance, Ii seems unable to use "org.hibernate.search.analyzer.impl" package no more.

      Here is the code.



      import org.hibernate.search.analyzer.impl.AnalyzerReference;     //Unable to import

      import org.hibernate.search.analyzer.impl.RemoteAnalyzerProvider;     //Unable to import




      private static Query doWork(String fieldName, RangeQueryContext rangeContext, QueryBuildingContext queryContext, ConversionContext conversionContext, FieldContext fieldContext) {

         final AnalyzerReference analyzerReference = queryContext.getQueryAnalyzerReference();     //************* Error Here




         if ( queryContext.getFactory().getIndexBinding( queryContext.getEntityType() ).getIndexManagers()[0] instanceof RemoteAnalyzerProvider) { //********* Error Here too

        lowerTerm = fromString == null ? null : fromString;

        upperTerm = toString == null ? null : toString;


         return TermRangeQuery.newStringRange( fieldName, lowerTerm, null, !rangeContext.isExcludeFrom(), !rangeContext.isExcludeTo() );



      How could I fix this?

      I have already import like below





      infinispanVersion = '9.0.3.Final'
      hibernateCoreVersion = '5.2.10.Final'
      hibernateSearchVersion = '5.7.1.Final'





      compile ("org.hibernate:hibernate-core:${hibernateCoreVersion}")

      compile ("org.hibernate:hibernate-search-orm:${hibernateSearchVersion}")

      compile ("org.hibernate:hibernate-search-engine:${hibernateSearchVersion}")

      compile ("org.hibernate:hibernate-search-analyzers:5.0.0.Alpha1")