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    UUID type in Postgresql

    Lukáš Svačina Newbie


      i'm trying to find out how to teach Postgresql datasource translator to work correctly with UUID datatype. Teiid sees it as Object instead of, for example, String datatype. It causes one can't do any ordering/where in sql queries.
      One way is to make view with manual CASTing UUID datatype. It is not suitable for dynamic VDB generation.


      <metadata type="DDL">


      CREATE VIEW "_view_workflow_data" OPTIONS (UPDATABLE 'true') AS


        CAST("lukyer_table"."id" as string) AS "id",

      "id" AS "id_original"

      FROM "lukyer_table"




      What is recommended way how to achieve automatic UUID casting to String? Should i overwrite JDBC translator and implement it somehow there? Is it even possible?