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    Teiid 9.3.2 with solr cloud

    Hend Amin Novice


      I have migrated to teiid 9.3.2 from teiid 8.13.4. I want to know if the latest version can query from solr cloud and how i can utilize solr collections from teiid. In the old release i specified the solr core as there was one solr core. Now i need to query different collections based on my filters. is that possible ?



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          Ramesh Reddy Master



          We have not tested with Solr Cloud, nor Solr Collections. You can try and give feedback to us. On the different collections case, sounds like it is possible with additional metadata on the model, but I wouldn't know without further investigation. If you want to take look and provide contribution back to this SOLR translator you are welcome.