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    How to configure AdvancedExternalizers with RemoteCaches?

    James Livingston Apprentice

      I'm connecting to a remote Infinispan server, and want to use some AdvancedExternalizers to control how the data is serialized. How do you configure that?


      All the examples in the documentation add then to the GlobalConfigurationBuilder, but GlobalMarshaller appears to be designed for embedded usage not remote usage. GenericJBossMarshaller/JBossMarshaller would seem to be the right ones, but AbstractJBossMarshaller.baseCfg is protected with no way to add externalizers.


      The only way I've been able to find of configuring them is to copy the AbstractJBossMarshaller class to my own code, and have a subclass which accepts externalizers (or write my own Marshaller). Is there a better way?