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    the designer's max limition

    cute u Novice

      when i create source model,the designer has issue,my metadata is include 500 tables, , what is the custom diagrams

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          Barry LaFond Master

          The Eclipse Draw2D/GEF framework can be UI resource-intensive, so this prevents potential freezing of Eclipse.  You can do one of 2 things..


          1) Increase the display limit from the default 20000 via Window > Preferences > Teiid Designer > Diagrams page in the Model Size text entry

          • You may have performance issues displaying this large diagram


          2) Use a Custom Diagram

          • Create Custom Diagram by selecting model, right-click select New Child > Custom Diagram
          • Add specific tables to the diagram via drag and drop from Model Explorer or by selecting tables in explorer and right-click select Modeling > Add to Diagram
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            cute u Novice

            Thank you Barry so much for quick response.


            Very much appreciated.