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    Mapping documentation tool for a federated VDB

    Renaud DAIAN Newbie


      we are creating a federated VDB. When working with Teiid Designer, the Package Diagram windows allows to see easily what attribute of the source view maps to what attribute of the target view. The problem is when you work on a federated VDB, a source attribute may be transformed multiple times before being mapped to the published target view. I summary that in the following picture (the arrow means "maps to") : SourceView.attr1 --> IntermediateView1.attr2 --> ... -> IntermediateView.attr2 -> TargetView.attrx

      So in this case it is not easy to answer this simple question "What is the source attribute for TargetView.attrx".

      Does somebody knows whether some tool is available for that ? The best solution for me would be to have that integrated into Teiid Designer, because it is interactive. But an acceptable solution, could be to have some automatic processor that would generate the mapping (in Excel or csv format, or other) directly from the VDB xmi files.




      Renaud DAÏAN