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    Teiid versus Master Data Management, overlapping or complementary ?

    Renaud DAIAN Newbie

      This is definitely not a developer discussion, sorry for that. I hope this is the right place for this kind of discussion.

      I wanted to know whether some people there would have experimented the implementation of a Data Virtualization system like Teiid, in addtion to a Master Data Management system. According to me, it sounds these technologies are overlapping. After all, if I create a federated Virtual Database which publishes referential data, I am creating a kind of substitute to "golden records". I assume that DV doesn't propose tools for Data quality management, and data gouvernance, but I have the impression that using DV decrease the interest of MDM tool by 50%. Any comment on that ?




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          Ramesh Reddy Master



          This forum is fine for these kinds of discussions. IMO. these both technologies are complementary than competitive. The main difference is in making the golden record, Teiid takes an approach of continuously applying the data scrubbing techniques over the source records over and over each time they are requested over taking a snapshot of the data and coming up a single set of golden record, which becomes the master from there on. For performance reasons, you can use materialization to cache the data for any given amount time depending upon your tolerance for staleness in data.  Teiid definitely missing full features in terms of data quality, although we have been working for awhile with OSDQ community to bring some of those features into Teiid. On governance, Teiid don't currently do not have any tools on it. yes, we have seen others use Teiid as MDM tool too, but it may come down to your usecase where if Teiid is sufficient or you need to enhance further with other tools.


          BTW, we are always looking for more insights form users, how further we can drive the development of Teiid. So, if you believe in certain feature be sure to engage us in discussion and may be raising issues on it.