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    Elytron example for Teiid

    Omar Khan Novice



      Is there an example how to leverage Elytron with Teiid 10 for Wildfly 11?

      I found this WildFly Elytron Security - Latest WildFly Documentation - Project Documentation Editor . Is there also a quickstart?



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          Ramesh Reddy Master

          We have not done updates based on Elytron. Did not give much thought how this can change any security in Teiid. What are your ideas with this as to how Teiid can leverage this functionality? I could see this as centralization of security like certificates and passwords, I would need to learn a bit more before I can make any assessments.



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            Omar Khan Novice

            Yes, I was thinking it may be easier to manage the passwords for the data sources without having to login to the server to change the standalone config file using a vault approach?


            My intent is to see if there is a way where someone can hand off encrypted passwords, but the implementer not aware of the actual passwords themselves with a key. Perhaps in fact being deployed from some sort of DevOps facility not sure if Elytron would allow for it be centrally managed, so if the credential needed to be updated - there would be no need to remote over to a server and change the passwords through scripts or manually editing a file.


            Admittedly - I have yet to try the vault legacy approach - which may work for my case, so I figured it would make sense to try the newer Elytron approach first not knowing either.

            I saw something about storing the passes in JDBC or other means. any further suggestions appreciated