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    Using Narayana to make two RESTful services transactional

    Sewwandi Wijayaratna Newbie



      I have a REST web service( service 1)  which calls another REST web service (service 2). Both are deployed into Wildfly10. If any exception occurs in service 1, I need to rollback updates made in services 2 (it's using a Oracle database) . I have gone through, quickstart/rts at master · jbosstm/quickstart · GitHub.

      Could you kindly provide me with some guidance below?


      1.  Can I use Narayana in my scenario.

      2.  As I understood from the quick start, it uses client to initiate both transactions. If I can use Narayana In  my scenario,  can I use service 1 itself as a client which initiate transactions?


      Thank you in advance.