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    Management of big VDBs with Teiid Designer

    Renaud DAIAN Newbie


      we have elaborated a big VDB, about 4MO now, which is consttantly growing as we add new business objects in it. The build phase is then particularly painful. Teiid Designer seems to constantly parse lines of this VDB. What could be the solutions so that the work with Teiid Designer is more comfortable ? Do other users have experimented such a case in their own development ?


      We are considering to split our VDB into multiple VDBs using 'import-vdb' statement. Do you think it will have drastical benefits ? What would be then the best splitting strategy ? Most of our business objects are pointing to 2 references tables, and have also relationships between them.

      Thank you for some hint.



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          Chandra Akkinepalli Newbie


          Thats a good question.

          Its always recommended to split big VDBs into multiple layers of VDBs instead of one big VDB.


          It is also important to have a specific purpose for each layer of VDBs. There is a very good technical whitepaper with recommendations on how you can do that.

          You can download it here


          Please note that with the flexibility and modularity of multi layer design comes the dependency of top layer vdbs on imported vdbs. You need to carefully evaluate and pick what is good for your situation.


          From the performance perspective there should be no big difference between one VDB or multi VDB solution.