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    Interactive Learning: Java EE Batch Processing with OpenShift, WildFly & JBeret

    Cheng Fang Master

      The interactive learning course for batch processing with OpenShift, WildFly & JBeret is now live  at the following URL.  I encourage everyone to check it out, explore various features in JBeret and OpenShift, and feedback is always welcome and much appreciated!




      This course is based on a simple batch processing job that reads from CSV and writes to PostgreSQL database. It provides a high-level overview of the basic features in JBeret, including:

      • csv item reader
      • jdbc item writer
      • chunk processing
      • JBeret REST API
      • JBeret scheduling
      • common batch job operations such as start, restart, stop, query & schedule


      All CLI commands on the left panel are clickable, and once clicked, the command will execute in the shell on the right panel.