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    Executing DML on Teiid VDB

    Bibhuti Bhusan Newbie

      I am interested to know if I can execute DMLs on a VDB created through Teiid whose source is an Oracle 10g XE database and will the DMLs also affect my primary/physical datasource (i.e. Oracle 10g XE database).


      Please also let me know how I can execute the DMLs.

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          Ramesh Reddy Master

          DML is about executing SELECT/UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE statements on a datasource, and yes you can issue these commands using the Teiid client (JDBC, ODBC, ODATA) to a VDB which in turn queries from the the Oracle database through the translator configured in VDB definition. I suggest getting yourself familiarized with basics and quick start example.


          If are asking about DDL, no there is no direct way to execute any of create table, alter table kind of statements through Teiid to Oracle. Teiid expects the schema information to be present in the database before you begin. There is way to execute a SQL command directly using Direct Query Procedure for some scenarios but not full support.

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