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    Teiid doesn't recognize custom function in MySQL

    Ivan Chan Apprentice

      It seems like Teiid cannot recognize custom function in MYSQL


      1. define any custom function in MySQL

      2. create a VDB

      3. try using custom function in SQL, e.g.:
      device_type_tb(device_id) AS type,


      Expected result:
      function works just like with domain based on MySQL JDBC data source


      Actual result:
      TEIID doesn't recognize this custom function:
      TEIID30068 The function 'device_type_tb(mysql_device_type_tb.metrics_tb.device_id)' is an unknown form. Check that the function name and number of arguments is correct.


      Do you guys have any idea?





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          Steven Hawkins Master

          > Do you guys have any idea?


          The JDBC import process currently doesn't import information on functions - driver support with DatabaseMetaData.getFunctions started with Java 6 / JDBC 4 and it's still not broadly supported. 


          You'll have to make Teiid aware of the source function by adding it to the metadata.  Using ddl it would be a create statement associated with the schema/model "create foreign function device_type_tb ..."


          You can also propose an enhancement based upon DatabaseMetaData or whatever metadata facility mysql supports for defining functions.