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    case statement for teiid when objects to be compared are string

    hrusikesh nandy Newbie

      i have underlying data base as Oracle. Through the db i have configured the teiid data source. Now i want to execute a query like below


      CASE WHEN column_vlaue = 'Flow Rate' THEN 'Product Flow Rate' ELSE column_value END


      but its not able to compile the same providing the  exception:

      Error: TEIID30504 Remote org.teiid.core.TeiidProcessingException:


      Teiid is converting the above query as

      CASE WHEN g_0."column_vlaue" = 'Flow Rate' THEN 'Product Flow Rate' ELSE g_0."column_value" END.


      Kindly suggest a way where i can implement the above for oracle with out having any error.


      Thanks in advance