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    Dyamic VDB - REST


      Hi Teiid Team,


      I am developing a dynamic VDB, JDBC is just working find but rest is not working...


           1. In documentation it is specified that Embedded transport configuration should be in teiid server, but if start server it is showing error.


           <transport name="embedded">

                <authentication security-domain="teiid-security"/>



      The above configuration is throwing error while teiid server is started.


           2. Also I have a application user with role "rest".

           3. If the API page ask for login and password, I am specifying the application user credential with role "rest".

           4. But still I get the forbidden error.


      Please suggest how to solve forbidden error.



      Mahavir Dhanadevan

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          Also I have seen the XSD1.1 for transport, for XSD 1.1 there is no <authentication security-domain="teiid-security"/> allowed.


          XMLNS version 1.1 is not allowing the authentication tag given below.


          <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:teiid:1.1">

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            Which document are you following?

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              Hi Ramesh,


              I have referred multiple resources for rest through dynamic VDB.

              Including Portfolio example in GitHub.

              Also I am auto generating the rest WAR.

              The browser is showing yourdomian.com and prompts for username & password.

              If I give credentials after that forbidden is displayed.



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                The security domain you configured in the server log in the user, then that user must have the "rest" role to access. Here is an example [1].  What version of Teiid are you using? Depending on that the how you define the security-domain is different, it has moved from the transport to the VDB itself as shown in [1]. If there are documents referring to transport based security (as in older versions) please let us know, we will see if we can correct them.


                [1] REST Service Through VDB · Teiid Documentation

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                  Hi Ramesh,


                  I am able to find the following in web.xml of exploded war generated during deployment of dynamic VDB...







                  Is there any options to control it or remove it ?




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                    Read "Security on Generated Services" on above link.