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    Rest Service Post Method - How to pass multiple input parameters?

    Chandra M Newbie



      I have a stored procedure defined in VDB, which is enabled to get deployed as rest service (war).


      Stored procedure gets 3 input parameters and is defined to use rest method as http'Post'.


      I'm trying to test this rest service using PostMan, where I pass the input parameters in Body as form-data. But the input parameters are not getting passed into the stored procedure.


      Let me know, what I'm doing wrong.


      Post URL - http://serverName:8080/AppConfig_1/Config/scg


      Input parameter passed in body,









      Stored procedure defined in the VDB,


      SET NAMESPACE 'http://teiid.org/rest' AS REST;

      CREATE VIRTUAL PROCEDURE SetUserConfig(IN userConfig string, IN confId string, IN userId string)  OPTIONS (UPDATECOUNT 0, "REST:METHOD" 'POST', "REST:URI" 'scg')



      DECLARE integer collection_id = 4 ;


      INSERT INTO app_user_config(id, config_name, config_value, collection_id, user_id) VALUES (AppConfig.nextval('app_uconfig_id_seq'),confId, userConfig, collection_id, userId);