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    Apparently incomplete README.adoc in teiid-quickstarts/webservice-as-a-datasource

    Frank Schmitt Newbie

      Hi all,


      (if this is the wrong forum for this kind of question, please point me to the right one)


      teiid-quickstarts/webservices-as-a-datasource/README.adoc contains a step-by-step instruction on how to set up the demo webservice integration. Everything is fine until the last step; the README states:


      Open the admin console(http://localhost:9990/console) to make sure the VDB is deployed. See <<Query Demonstrations, Query Demonstrations>> below to demonstrate query.


      == Query Demonstrations


      ==== Using the simpleclient example ====


      1.  Change your working directory to "${quickstart.install.dir}/simpleclient"

      2.  Use the simpleclient example to run the following queries:


      Example: mvn exec:java -Dvdb="portfolio" -Dsql="example query" -Dusername="xx" -Dpassword="xx"


      NOTE: depending on your OS/Shell the quoting/escaping required to run the example can be complicated. It would be better to install a Java client, such as SQuirreL, to run the queries below.


      In my opinion, crucial information is missing - what example queries / query demonstrations can I run now? Where are the "queries below" (that line is the last one in the file) ?

      (Version: latest from Github, updated 2018-06-19)



      The vdb specifier is wrong - it should be webservice instead of portfolio.


      Example for a working query:

      mvn exec:java -Dvdb="webservice" -Dsql="select * from CustomersView" -Dusername="xx" -Dpassword="xx"

      (then name of the vdb and the view can be obtained by checking the contents of webservice-vdb.xml)


      Should I create an issue in JIRA for this?


      Kind regards,



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