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    How to speed up TEIID loading.

    Lukáš Svačina Newbie


      I have ~ 100 VDBs (most of them are just newer versions of older VDBs). All of them use just one datasource (for simpler example) - postgres database defined in standalone-teiid.xml .

      Why TEIID standalone (with wildfly integrated) startup always takes around 6 minutes on my local machine? It is loading one VDB by one and every loading is IMHO loading data source schema again and again.

      I tried to add <property name="cache-metadata" value="true" /> but it didn't help.

      Should I turn on some another property to prevent multiple data source (the same one) schema parsing & loading? I deploy using AdminAPI (XML with -vdb.xml suffix).



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          Ramesh Reddy Master

          Because each VDB is a totally independent unit. There is nothing that can cache/share the metadata across all the VDBs. If all your 100 vdbs use same Postgres schema, then create a single VDB with that data source, and use "vdb-import" feature to import that VDB into other 99 vdbs, that way your PG metadata is loaded only once.