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        Maybe this picture will help you understand the differences between Teiid Thorntail Vs Teiid WildFly Server



        1a) We did but as a base image. It does have few hurdles for configuring and deploying into OpenShift. As per the Keycloak, I am working on making this work with Thorntail version too.

        1b) No external storage is needed. Beetle is a new development environment for developing a VDB, the above are runtime engines for executing the VDB

        2) No limitations

        3) Right now there are no design-time environments, Beetle is our foray into that space. But whatever you design using the Teiid Designer will work with both Teiid 11 version of Teiid Wild Server or Teiid Thorntail

        4) JBoss Developer Studio == Eclipse + lot of other plugins + Teiid Designer Plugin + productized version from RedHat

        5) JBoss Data Virtualization == A productized version "Teiid WildFly" Server from RedHat



        Note the "productized" version have completely separate license structure than their OpenSource counterparts. Since Cloud deployment is your main clause, I suggested using Teiid Thorntail, as it makes using a lot simpler.

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          thanks for the info. Please let me know as soon as you have keycloak running with Thorntail. I will definitely give it a try. I think I will anyway need some time to get more familiar with vdb generation and thorntail basics. Just today my book arrived "Hands-on Cloud Development with Wildfly"

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