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    update and delete with WHERE condition not working with Delimited flat file(header true)

    Rujuta Samant Newbie

      Hi Team,


      We have observed that in case of Delimited Header True files at FTP/Sftp location, we are unable to execute update and delete queries specifically having where conditions. We are able to execute simple queries(without where clause) successfully.  Also we are able to execute queries successfully with where clause in case of Delimited Header False and Fixed width files.


      Given below is the query which we are unable to execute on Header True file along with error message.


      Query - Update flatfileDeli.TRANSACTION_DTL_new set TRANSACTION_DTL_new.product_type='sports' where TRANSACTION_DTL_new.acct_number='123';


      Error Message - TEIID30253 Source UPDATE or DELETE command "UPDATE flatfileDeli.TRANSACTION_DTL_new SET Acct_number = ? WHERE flatfileDeli.TRANSACTION_DTL_new.product_type = ?" contains non-pushdown constructs and no compensating action can be taken as the table lacks a unique key or the source does not support equality predicates.



      Rujuta S