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    Array data types not available in postgresql?

    Vojtech Kolacek Newbie

      Hi, I'm trying to create a dynamic VDB with a BOOLEAN[] column (the DDL is something like

      CREATE VIEW "_view_data" ("id" SERIAL, 
               "booltest" BOOLEAN[], 
               PRIMARY KEY ("id")) 
      OPTIONS (UPDATABLE 'true') 
            AS SELECT "public"."form_formname"."id" AS "id", "public"."form_formname"."booltest" AS "booltest" 
               FROM "public"."form_formname").

      The postgresql table's column has a correct data type (boolean[]), but TEEID returns the following error:

      TEIID31080 GEN_view._view_data validation error: The definition for GEN_view."_view_data" has the wrong type for column 1.  Expected boolean[], but was object.]}

      In the Designer I can see the column type as object (2000).

      Does that mean that array data types aren't supported for the postgresql translator, or am I doing something wrong?

      Many thanks,